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This publication is for people who believe:

  • There is nothing more fun than to create products that solve challenges creatively.

  • Real-life product management is not about frameworks and models.

  • All you really need is an idea, a whiteboard, and a motivated team of individuals to change the world.

If this is you, welcome. I’m Alex.

I write weekly, mostly about product management but also running SaaS businesses and growth.

Product manager in the trenches

In this publication, you won’t find lessons or pontification. No overuse of models and pretty frameworks.

Instead, you will find behind-the-scenes of product management challenges. Some come from my experience, others from forcing myself to find creative solutions to complex (sometimes made up) problems (an extremely fun exercise I call ‘PM Wargames’).

I’m a firm believer in ‘showing your work’.

Whatever I recommend, whichever ‘solution’ I come up with; I will show you how I got there. I value thought-process over right answers; mostly because I know there aren’t any.

Product management is the most rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating, confusing, exciting discipline in the world. Join me in the trenches👇.

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