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Creating a product is the easy part.

Slapping together an MVP? Easy. Creating a landing page? Pick a domain name, a theme, and push go. Putting together a go-to-market strategy? In theory, piece of cake.

The complexity (and fun) comes later.

When you’re faced with a headache-inducing flat visitors graph on Google Analytics. When you’re forced to prioritise one feature out of the 20 your customers request. When you’re making the hard decision to niche down or expand your total addressable market.

Starting a business is facing a thousand of these amusing, exciting, harrowing, difficult, snap, complex, daunting, wide-ranging decisions every day.

In my newsletter, I share my experience as a SaaS startup founder. I write about topics relevant to tech startup founders such as customer acquisition, growth, and product management.

I’m a firm believer of sharing stories, not lessons. Your milage should vary.

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Alex Debecker

Founder. Focused on growing B2B SaaS products.